The BPS Group was established in 1887 by the benevolent Bawa Parduman Singh who was a visionary, an eminent educationist, a social reformer and a legend of his times. He laid the foundations of the BPS Group of companies which continue to grow.

The Bawa Parduman Singh & Sons was the first of The BPS Group established and ventured into the dealership of hosiery and textiles. Further the group set up the SHIP BRAND fabrics which ruled the textile trade in pre-partition India. The trade expanded to Burma, Ceylon and the far-east for over 50 years. A subsidiary of the SHIP BRAND, M.B Bros, exported unfinished raw textiles in huge quantities till World War II.

Post-partition of India, the interests gradually got diversified and new businesses stemmed as a part of the BPS Group. Following the footsteps of the family and keeping the business acumen of the family alive, Sumeet Bawa, the great-great-grandson of Bawa Parduman Singh, set up BPS Overseas in 1990. He since has diversified the business into the leather industry.

BPS Overseas (P) Ltd, a member of the BPS Group of companies, now engages in the manufacture and export of leather garments, goods, and accessories; and is backed by the marketing expertise and business background of over 125 years of family history.

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